Membership Requirements:  A woman must be at least 16 years of age and able to prove direct lineal descent from an ancestor who was officially (by authority, government, or church) accused OR tried OR convicted/executed for the practice of witchcraft or wizardry in Colonial America prior to 31 December 1699.  See the Ancestor page for a list of potential Ancestors:  there are over 300 known but we welcome new, documented ancestors.  Collateral lines, accuser lines, and honorary memberships are not available.
Membership Procedures:  An invitation from the President General is needed and may be requested.  The prospective member then completes an application from herself back to her Ancestor, providing usual genealogical proofs to the Registrar General along with the life membership fee.  WikiTrees or Family trees from Ancestry are not acceptable proof but an approved application paper from a noted "sister Society" such as the DAR or Mayflower Society may be a starting point to help find a direct line.
Insignia:  Two gold circles with the Society's name and date of organization inscribed within.  A black swan of royal bearing is on a field of gold.  Pictured below is an Honorary President General's pin.  Members may order insignia discs with or without the ribbon, mini insignia discs suitable for branch bars, ancestor bars, and charms at or by using the form in the Black Swan newsletter.
Associated Daughters of Early American Witches